In our attemps to keep everyone informed we have started this blog as our webpage. Please feel free to add comments, address updates, business info, information on other classmates, etc. to the guestbook. We plan to try to keep a list of updated addresses, reunion photos and other information here for you to check out.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

15 Year Reunion- Underway

Yep, that's right its time to start thinking about the next class reunion. Its only 2 years away and planning needs to get underway. We still have a pretty extensive list of people we could not get ahold of for the 10 year, and I'm sure many of you have moved since the last reunion. So here is what needs to happen in the next year and a half....

1. Help - willing people to stick it out for the next couple of years getting addresses, sending out invitations, and helping plan.

2. addresses, names, numbers all the general contact info we can find needs to be updated (if anyone ordered that pricey little book of information from the high school it would be much appreciated if you'd be willing to help or loan it to us).

3. location, location, location....If you weren't at the 10 year here is what we did... we kicked off the reunion on homecoming weekend with a special bleacher section at the end of the football field. We also got a tour of the high school that evening to see all the new updates. The next day we had a family picnic at a local Park in Goshen- it was bring your own food/drinks we did have a minimal charge of 2 dollars a person 5 dollars a family to help off-set some cost of getting out invitations and a reunion book, and we did some kid games with prizes. Later that evening we took over IL Forno in Goshen for a buffet style dinner provided by fellow alum Mario Garber. This year we'd like to do something different.

4. brings me to price...what are you willing to pay per person/per couple?

Any help you are willing to give would be appreciated. We'll need about 5 or 6 people to really be able to get everything done without stress, any ideas or suggestions are also appreciated as well.
Feel free to send me a message at haeveringham@hotmail.com or the website http://ghsclassof97.blogspot.com/will be updated with information as well as the facebook page.

Thanks,Heather (Shank) Everingham