In our attemps to keep everyone informed we have started this blog as our webpage. Please feel free to add comments, address updates, business info, information on other classmates, etc. to the guestbook. We plan to try to keep a list of updated addresses, reunion photos and other information here for you to check out.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Reunion Book Sale

The left over reunion books will be for sale until they are gone $4.00 per book. Please email me and I will send you contact info on how to get them.
-Complete class list
-Updated info on approximately 40
classmates who filled out the survey
sent out with the invitation.
- Survey to help w/next reunion.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Reunion Photos

WOW! It was so great to see so many faces at the 3 reunion events held this weekend. We got some great snapshots of old friends, and new families. They have been posted on snapfish.com all you need to do is click here http://97reunion.snapfish.com/snapfish to view them. If you took some photos you can also upload them into this group room. You must have a snapfish account to see and upload photos, but its free so click on the above link and sign up to see all the fun we had. If you want to purchase any photos that can be done at snapfish as well. Thanks to all who came. It was one to remember!

Monday, June 25, 2007


If your name is on this list we need your address:

Adkins Lisa
Avila Sergio
Blanco Julissa
Bonham Heidi
Bowers Ryan
Boyer Shane
Bricker Casie
Bridwell Christal
Burnett Emilee
Bushong Tara
Busigny Isabelle
Carmona Rosa
Carpenter Nick
Carter Kirtina
Cooney Jenica
Dahl Pal
Day Mark
Dean Amy
Donoho Ashley
Dulaney Lisa *found
Ecker Sinja
Ewing Jason
Firkins Benjamin
Fite Jed
Garber Jason
Gibbs Jason
Gibbs Rebecca
Gilbert Duane
Grimm James
Guequierre Elizabeth
Haney Eric
Hardesty Robert
Hathaway Holly
Hay Michael
Heathcock Erika
Heminger Ginny
Hershberger Katie
Hickman Sarah
Higginbotham Aaron
Hogan Troy
Holubar Chrisine
Hosier Rebecca
Huber Robbie
Humphries Shawn
Igney Troy
Jansawat Krittika
Johnson Nicholas
Klabusick Christiana
Koontz Melissa *found
Large Christopher
Larimer Samantha
Letherman Angela
Leatherman John
Lechlitner Angie
Leon Dolores
Lis Magdalena
Lopez Israel
Macias Gabriel
Martinez Misty
Martinez Penny
Miller Rebecca
Monschein Angie
Moreira Andriana
Morris Kurt
Muneishi Megumi
Ortiz Joey
Pop-Petrovska Marija
Prieto Yizzar
Ratliff Shannon
Replogle Wendi
Rheinheimer Rachel
Rios Brian
Rolon Lalo
Schelling Jennifer *found
Schmidt Daniela
Schnell Chad
Shively Lisa
Simpson Scott
Smith Amy
Smith Elizabeth
Stresow Stefanie
Thalls Nick *found
Thompson Josh
Thompson Randy
Weaver Kacey
Weirich Jennifer
Wilson Angela
Woldruff Angela *found
Yoder Adam
Yoder Amie
Yoder Andrew
Yoder Matte

Please leave your address in the guestbook or email Caroline Fletcher (Rader) at cfletche@gmail.com